Ever-Fresh Design Co. is happy to provide assistance in your project, below are a few examples of past projects.


Product Design-Air Conditioner Automatic Production Machines Automatic Cutoff Saws Die Splitting Machines Die Stands Automatic Drilling Machines Drive Units Semi-Automatic Assembly Machines Professional Machine Installation Machine Modifications Material Carts Outdoor Material Conveyance Indoor Material Conveyance Material Transfer Units Multiple Axis Die Splitting Machines Multiple Axis Die Splitting Machines Semi-Automatic Assembly Machines Automatic Cutting Machines Motor Control Cabinets Motor Control HMI Cabinets Inline Slitting Saws Custom Control Cabinets Inline Assembly Machines Custom Cutting Machines Air Solenoid Cabinets Automatic Feeding Machines Custom Die Carts HMI Cabinets Custom Conveyors Inspection Machines Packing Machines Die Cleaning Machines Process Improvement Machines Multiple Axis Shuttling Machines Multiple Axis Packing Machines Media Distribution Machines

List of Past Projects:

Out of respect to our customers we will not allow any confidential information out to the public

  • Floor plan layout
  • Machine that coats a stack of tubes on the inside
  • Servo to gear box plate machining
  • Miscellaneous machined and turned parts for a DVD kiosk
  • Machine that assembles package handles
  • Troubleshooting existing customer controller code
  • Servo driven angular lifting table
  • Design, fabricate, and assemble industrial printer stands
  • Automatic stacking machine that packs product into a box
  • Machine that assembles security cases
  • Shear hold down foot pads
  • Reverse engineering of a dragline
  • Stand modification for grain bin
  • Mold modification
  • Cover for grain processing
  • Part orienter